1. Spinach Onion Bhaji

    £ 3.75

    Deep fried crispy onion and spinach with gram flour coating

  2. Samosa or Potato Chaat

    £ 3.99

    Our home-cooked samosa or potato, served with chutney special

  3. Chilli Paneer

    £ 5.50

    Indian-style cottage cheese, sautéed lightly in pepper and soya sauce


  1. Chicken Tikka

    £ 4.50

    Succulent tender breast pieces marinated in herbed yoghurt with freshly ground spices, roasted cumin seed, chargrilled skewers

  2. Chilli Garlic Tikka

    £ 4.75

    Chicken breast pieces marinated with mint, coriander and green chilli in traditional spice, cooked in tandoor

  3. Malai Kebab Zafarini

    £ 4.75

    Malai kebab is mildly flavoured with cream and cheese and ginger garlic pasta. These kebabs are very smooth and succulent and literally melt in the mouth

  4. Chatpata Chicken

    £ 4.75

    Grilled chicken with aniseed and garlic, tempering in a spinach purée. Bombay street food

Red Meat

  1. Tandoori Lamb Seekh Kebab

    £ 4.50

    Minced lamb with chilli, ginger, garlic and Indian garam masala, then cooked in the tandoor

  2. Venison or Lamb Chilli

    £ 4.99

    Indian-style venison sautéed lightly in pepper sauce

  3. Boti Kebab

    £ 4.99

    Chunks of lamb meat marinated with Indian spices and yoghurt, cooked in the tandoor

Sea World

  1. Squid Rings

    £ 4.95

    Ring of squid, deep fried, served with bell peppers, chilli flakes and honey

  2. Golden Fried Prawns

    £ 5.50

    Deep fried prawns mixed with garlic, ginger paste with cornflour and gram flour coating

  3. Battered Amritsari Fish

    £ 5.50

    Crispy batter covered flaky tilapia fish, spiced with Indian flavours of garlic, ginger, cumin and chaat masala


  1. Khumb Hara Pyaz

    £ 6.99

    Fresh mushrooms and spring onions tossed in a pan with onion and ground spices

  2. Aloo Jeera

    £ 6.00

    Baby potatoes cooked with fresh ground cumin seeds and lightly spiced

  3. Chana Masala

    £ 5.50

    The classic chana masala, cooked in a tomato gravy

  4. Bahare Baigan

    £ 6.00

    Fresh baby aubergine, deep-fried, cooked in peanut and coconut milk sauce

  5. Methi Mutter Malai

    £ 6.99

    Methi and mutter are a super-hit combination, as their flavours complement each other well

  6. Mutter Paneer

    £ 7.50

    Mutter cooked with home-made paneer and herbs, a house speciality

  7. Dal Makhani

    £ 6.99

    Black lentils and kidney beans cooked overnight and finished with tomato

  8. Dal Tadka

    £ 5.50

    Mixed lentils cooked in Indian-style tadka

  9. Spinach Ke Sath

    £ 6.99

    Choose from potatoes, mushrooms, corn, paneer, all tempered with ginger, garlic and Indian garam masala with spinach

  10. Bombay Potatoes

    £ 6.00

    Baby potatoes cooked with fresh ground cumin seed and lightly spiced

  11. Mixed Vegetable (dry)

    £ 5.99

    Mixed vegetable sautéed in tamarind and tomato gravy

Main Courses from the Tandoor

  1. Tandoori Chicken

    £ 9.95

    Whole baby chicken, marinated with garlic, ginger, chilli and garam masala

  2. Chicken Shashlik Tikka

    £ 9.95

    Nation's favourite

  3. Barra Lamb Chop

    £ 12.99

    British lamb, marinated with browned onion, yoghurt and garam masala, chargrilled to perfection

  4. Achari Venison

    £ 12.99

    Venison in delicate pickling marinade, cooked in the tandoor, served with potato and spinach mash

  5. Chutney and Coriander Prawns

    £ 12.99

    Prawns mildly spiced with basil and green coriander, served with a mixed salad and mint chutney

  6. Paneer Tikka Shashlik

    £ 10.99

    Indian cottage cheese, marinated and grilled with pepper and onion in a clay charcoal oven

  7. Chef's Special Kebab Platter

    £ 13.99

    Selection of prawn, fish, lamb and chicken, cooked to perfection

Main Courses from the Pan

  1. Seasonal Fish Fillets

    £ 12.99

    Fillets of fish marinated with lime juice and invigorating spices and pan-fried, and served on spinach purée,with salad and rice

  2. Prawn Chettinad

    £ 12.99

    Tiger prawns cooked with a roasted blend of fennel,peppercorns and curry leaves, served with leavened paratha

  3. Fish Kalimirchi Curry

    £ 11.99

    Fish cooked in onion and tomato gravy, with crushed black pepper

  4. Prawn Scallop Curry

    £ 12.99

    Black tiger prawns and scallops cooked in a mild Indian sauce

  5. Goan Fish Curry

    £ 9.99

    Cubes of fish cooked with onion and tomato goan curry

  6. Roast Duck

    £ 12.99

    Oven-roasted duck breast glazed with garlic, tamarind and sesame seeds, served with salad and pilau rice

  7. Butter Chicken

    £ 8.99

    Tomato and cashew nut based medium curry

  8. Pista Korma Murgh

    £ 8.99

    Mild succulent chicken cooked in a korma-style sauce,with added pistachios and saffron

  9. Chicken Chum Chum

    £ 9.99

    Chicken breast, stuffed with coconut and poppyseeds,cooked with our chef’s special sauce

  10. Chicken Peri Peri

    £ 9.99

    Very hot chicken, cooked in Indian spices

  11. Ginger Chicken

    £ 9.99

    Chicken breast, cooked with a ginger and tomato sauce

  12. Lamb Shank Rogan Josh

    £ 10.99

    Shank of lamb on the bone, slow cooked in a rich, deep red, sauce

  13. Tawa Ki Lamb

    £ 10.99

    Pot-roasted lamb cooked with fresh onion,tomato, ginger and garlic, with exotic green spices

  14. Dhaba Lamb

    £ 9.50

    A popular rural Indian curry made with onions, tomatoes, hung yoghurt and coriander

  15. Seafood Moliee

    £ 13.99

    Specialty of Kerala with prawns, scallops, squid and fish in a saffron and coconut curry

  16. Chicken Musallam Fakiri

    £ 18.99

    Whole baby chicken cooked in cream, onion and tomato gravy, flavoured with fresh ginger and coriander on a bed of green pea rice

  17. Chicken Mughlai

    £ 9.99

    A delicacy since the time of 'Mughlai' in India, chicken cooked in rich, creamy sauce

  18. Lamb Lall Mass

    £ 9.99

    A Rajastani dish, cooked in a rich, onion gravy

  19. Hyderabadi Lamb

    £ 8.99

    A Nizam of Hyderabadi creation has graced many a Maharaja's table. Tender lamb in a onion-based curry, with a touch of mint and coriander chutney.

  20. Paneer Tikka Masala

    £ 10.99

    Cottage cheese, cooked in the tandoor with green pepper and onion, and sautéed in yougurt, tomato and onion paste

Old Favourites

  1. Vindaloo

    £ 7.99

    Chicken/lamb cooked with baby potatoes and hot, fresh, red chilli

  2. Chicken Tikka Masala

    £ 7.99

    The yoghurt helps tenderise the chicken; garlic, ginger and spices in the marinade infuse it with lots of flavour

  3. Bhuna

    £ 7.99

    Chicken/lamb/prawns cooked in fresh ginger, garlic and Bhuna sauce

  4. Korma

    £ 7.99

    A delicious, mild curry – one of our most popular, with its roots in Mughlai cuisine

  5. Methi

    £ 7.99

    Fresh fenugreek leaves give this chicken/lamb disha wonderful aroma

  6. Saag

    £ 7.99

    Lamb or chicken Saag is one of the most delicious north Indian traditional dishes

  7. Jalfrezi

    £ 7.99

    Chicken or lamb Jalfrezi - very popular in Indian restaurants

  8. Dhansak

    £ 7.99

    Lamb or chicken Dhansak, cooked with lentils and fresh garlic to produce a sweet/sour and hot taste

  9. Dopiza

    £ 7.99

    A much loved British dish that’s also a favorite in India; richly flavored lamb or chicken curry with double the amount of onion normally used

  10. King Prawn Curry

    £ 10.99

    Prawn curry combines fresh flavoured Indian spices with a simple curry sauce

Varieties of Rice

  1. Lamb Biryani

    £ 11.99

    A Hyderabadi dish made with finest basmati rice, saffron and ground spices

  2. Chicken Biryani

    £ 10.99

    A Hyderabadi dish made with finest basmati rice, saffron and ground spices

  3. Vegetable Biryani

    £ 9.99

    A Hyderabadi dish made with finest basmati rice, saffron and ground spices

  4. Kesar Pulao

    £ 3.25

    Slow cooked basmati rice in saffron

  5. Lemon Rice

    £ 3.25

    Lemon-laced basmati rice with cashew nuts and curry leaves

  6. Goan Rice

    £ 3.25

    Fried basmati rice with sautéed garlic

  7. Mushroom Rice

    £ 3.25

    Fresh mushrooms cooked in aromatic spices

  8. Basmati Rice

    £ 2.99

    Freshly boiled basmati rice

  9. Cumin Rice

    £ 3.25

    White rice, tempered with cumin seed and fresh coriander

Tandoori Bread

  1. Naan Bread

    £ 2.20

    Piping hot naan bread

  2. Peshwari Naan

    £ 3.00

    Freshly baked naan filled with coconut and dry fruits

  3. Keema Naan

    £ 3.50

    Naan bread served with fresh minced lamb

  4. Garlic Naan

    £ 2.50

    Crispy wholemeal flour baked in the tandoor

  5. Cheese Naan

    £ 3.00

    Cheese with wholemeal flour

  6. Lacha Paratha

    £ 3.00

    Paratha, made of plain flour and layered with butter

  7. Roti

    £ 1.99

    Wholemeal flour bread

  8. Onion Kulcha

    £ 2.50

    Chopped onion with aromatic spice in wholemeal flour

Salad and Sides

  1. Indian Green Salad

    £ 4.00

  2. Raita Cucumber

    £ 2.50

  3. Chutney Tray

    £ 1.50

  4. Poppodum

    £ 0.70

  5. Chips

    £ 2.30

A Feast Fit for Royals from our Chef’s heart

  1. Taster Meal (Vegetarian)

    £ 19.99

    A selection of vegetarian dishes from the menu

  2. Taster Meal (Non-Vegetarian)

    £ 25.00

    A selection of non-vegetarian dishes from the menu

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